Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What inpires you?

1. Sunsets
2. my childrens laughter! especially when they play together
3. the beach
4. the sound of rain
5. the way I feel when I am at Church
6. spending time with friends and laughing till my cheeks hurt
7. a road trip with my family windows down, music up
8. repurposing something (thrift shopping)
9. capturing a perfect moment in time...
10. trader joes gluten free chocolate walnut cookies (divine)

What inspires you? I think about this often...
Above is my top ten! At least today :) no particular order

I would love to hear what inspires you? I have been wanting to do this for a while because it makes me happy to read lists like this and I am always reminded of how much there is out there to be happy about! Soooo much....
I would like to start featuring top 10 lists of what inspires you on my blog.
All you need to do is comment with your top 10. I am so excited to hear what makes you tick and know that it will be such a gift to share these with everyone.


  1. What inspires me?

    1. For the most part I am inspired by people; Moms mostly. I’m inspired by the stay at home mom, the grandmother, single mothers, crafty moms, the type-A personality moms, and working mothers. I can honestly say that I have been lucky enough to have been inspired by every mom in my life.

    2. I’m always inspired by nature- bodies of water, full-grown trees, black dirt, gardens, lush green grass…

    3. Cooking shows, cookbooks, cooking magazines, the grocery store. I love food so I can easily find inspiration for the next meal just about anywhere.

    4. Books. From historical fiction to chick-lit, I can almost always find something inspiring in a book.

    5. Traveling inspires me to be open-minded and appreciative.

    6. Music.

    7. My sisters inspire my confidence.

    8. As silly as it seems, I’m inspired by holidays and birthdays. They inspire me to be creative.

    9. My parents inspire me on so many levels.

    10. And finally, I am inspired by my husband and two girls. They inspire me to be the best me that I can be. :o)

  2. My inspiration list:

    1. Friends inspire me by their personalities. I love noticing their strengths; whether it’s how outgoing one is or how down to earth another is; whether one is great at getting involved in the community or another is great at being organized each different attribute inspires me and I learn from each of them in different ways.

    2. My religion inspires me to be better, to try harder, to not give up, to not be too hard on myself but to strive for excellence at the same time. It is a driving force in my life.

    3. My children inspire me. I believe that being their mother is one of the most important things I will ever do and being with them each day inspires me to do my best.

    4. My husband inspires me. When I need advice I seek him out. He can look at my struggles or worries with a fresh perspective and he always has faith in me.

    5. Gardening inspires me. It’s amazing to see fragile seedlings turn into big, thick plants.

    6. Exercise inspires me; running or walking outside especially.

    7. My ancestors inspire me. I call my grandmother each week and she tells me stories of her family and I type them up. I am inspired by how they overcame their trials as well as their attributes and talents.

    8. People who aren’t afraid to speak up and share their beliefs even when they know it’s unpopular and maybe even hated---such as Martin Luther King Jr.--that’s inspiring.

    9. Music—and playing the piano.

    10. Cleaning and organizing. I get in this really focused state when I am deep cleaning or have an organization project—and I love seeing the fruits of my labors.

  3. Here's my list (in no particular order):

    1. My grandparent's and loved ones who have gone before me. I feel inspired by the lives they led and the legacy they left behind.

    2. The scriptures. I find inspiration in them daily. What a gift and blessing it is to be able to open them and find answers to your most pressing questions.

    3. Nature inspires me. I especially love sitting on the beach and watching the ocean. There's nothing quite like the sound and smell of the ocean.

    4. Children inspire me. I have such a love for children and love to be around them. Their innocence and yearning to learn inspires me.

    5. My sister-in-law. I have watched for many years as she has battled a terminal illness. Even though she is completely disabled, she never complains. Her humility and sweet spirit remind me how fragile life is and make me appreciate the things in life we take for granted.

    6. Music inspires me. I have a strong appreciation and love of music that started as a young child. Music speaks to my soul and invigorates me.

    7. Literature. I love a good book. I especially love to read biographies and stories about real people and real events.

    8. Exercise. When I am able to get some good physical exercise and accomplish a fitness goal, I am inspired to rise to the next level.

    9. History. I enjoy learning about important historical events and people who made a difference.

    10. Friends. My friends inspire me by their examples and talents. They encourage me and inspire me to be the best person I can be.

  4. What Inspires Me?

    1. A blank piece of paper and a great pen.
    2. A full to bursting refrigerator
    3. Black and White juxtaposed
    4. Wide open fields of grain...I love right before harvest in Kansas
    5. Sunflowers
    6. My sleeping baby
    7. Make-up and a clean face
    8. A date night with my husband
    9. Photos from when my entire family is together.
    10. A stack of unread books.


    Here's some of what inspires me...
    What a fun idea!