Monday, April 12, 2010


O.K. I know, I know I am a week late. We have had lot's of flu and sickness over here :( But I am back and ready to get going again. This list is from Erika and I love reading it because it reminds me to look to the amazing women around me to feel inpired. Enjoy....
Thank you Erika for sharing.


1. For the most part I am inspired by people; Moms mostly. I’m inspired by the stay at home mom, the grandmother, single mothers, crafty moms, the type-A personality moms, and working mothers. I can honestly say that I have been lucky enough to have been inspired by every mom in my life.

2. I’m always inspired by nature- bodies of water, full-grown trees, black dirt, gardens, lush green grass…

3. Cooking shows, cookbooks, cooking magazines, the grocery store. I love food so I can easily find inspiration for the next meal just about anywhere.

4. Books. From historical fiction to chick-lit, I can almost always find something inspiring in a book.

5. Traveling inspires me to be open-minded and appreciative.

6. Music.

7. My sisters inspire my confidence.

8. As silly as it seems, I’m inspired by holidays and birthdays. They inspire me to be creative.

9. My parents inspire me on so many levels.

10. And finally, I am inspired by my husband and two girls. They inspire me to be the best me that I can be. :o)


  1. Oh my goodness, that is beautiful :)

    Lovely, lovely, shot...

    K xx (

  2. How beautiful! It reminds me that good weather is just around the corner.