Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A new way...

This is my sweet Carter (middle) and his two Preschool buddies. We were done with preschool work a little early one day this last Spring and so we had time for a photo-op. The boys didn't last long but I think we got some genuine shots of each of them. Such funny boys.

I have been feeling like I have alot of adjusting to do these days and sending my baby boy off to Kindergarten is one of the biggest. As I was running errands today I was trying to imagine my day to day in the Fall without this little man. It was sweet and sour. Why is it that the milestones we look forward to in life can end up being the toughest experiences we have sometimes.

I am excited to have a little time to myself I admit it! I promise I am not feeling bad for myself I guess I am just contemplating my new normal.

My idea of a new normal... More Photography time, Volunteer at school, cleaning out much neglected closets, lunch with friends, learn to do something new.

Any ideas please share :) Happy Tuesday!


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